Top Best Attitude Shayari In Hindi 2019 (For Boys & Girls)

Best Attitude Shayari In Hindi

Are you a Shayari fan?


Are you looking for best attitude Shayari in Hindi so that you can impress your friends?

If your answer is yes, then you are on the right page as we are going to share with you some fantastic lines that can impress anyone. Even you too can use these lines to share with your friends on social media.

So, without taking your much time, let’s check out these beautiful lines:

Best Attitude Shayari In Hindi to Impress Your Friends

Best Attitude Shayari In Hindi

Best Attitude Shayari In Hindi

Here we have represented the best attitude Shayari lines. I hope that you will like them. However, you can also share these lines with your images. Well, now you tell us in the comment section that which one you liked the most.

#1. Kam Karo Asia ki pahchan ban jaye,

chalo aise ki Nisan ban jaye,

zindgi to her koi kat leta hai dosto,

jiyo is kadar ki misal ban jaye.


#2. Kutte bhonkte hai..

Zinda hone ka ehsas dilane k liye,

Jungle ka sanata..

Sher ki mauzudgi baya karta hai.


#3. Gujarate Lamhon Mein Sadiyan Talaash Karta Hu,

Pyaas Itni Hai Ke Nadiyan Talash Karta Hun,

Yeha Par Log Ginaate Hain Khoobiyan Apni,

Main Apne Aap Mein Kamiyan Talaash Karta Hun.

Attitude Status For WhatsApp Image

Attitude Status For WhatsApp Image

#4. Sar Jhukane Ki Aadat Nahi Hai.

Aansu Bahane Ki Aadat Nahi Hai.

Hum Kho Gaye To Pachtaoge Bahut.

Kyun ki Hame Laut Ke Aane Ki Aadat Nahi Hai.


#5. Koshish Yehi Rahti Hai Ki

Humse Kabhi Koi Ruthe Na,

Magar Nazar Andaaz Karne Wale Ko

Palat Kar Hum Bhi Nahi Dekhte.


Final Words:

Well, so these are the five best attitude Shayari in Hindi lines for you. You can now use these lines to share with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and much more. If you liked our collection, then don’t forget to share these lines with your friends.

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